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Mystery Marsupial of Australia.

Etymology: Australian word.

Physical description: Size of a horse.

Behavior: Semiaquatic. Eats grass.

Habitat: Creek beds, where it excavates large 
holes in the banks.

Distribution: Near Gowrie Station, Queensland, 

Significant sighting: Aborigines claimed that 
the fossil bones of extinct diprotodonts belonged 
to large animals that were alive several 
generations earlier.

Present status: Extinct but known as living animals 
to the ancestors of the Aborigines.

Possible explanation: Surviving Diprotodon optatum, 
a fossil wombatlike marsupial, the largest 
known, that lived from 2.5 million to as recently 
as 6,000 years ago. It was the size of a 
modern rhinoceros, about 10 feet long, and had 
a heavy skull nearly 3 feet long. It had massive 
jaws and a large lower incisor.

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