Itzcuintlipotzotli by camusaltamirano-d64pdzd
Mystery Dog of Mexico.

Etymology: Nahuatl (Uto-Aztecan), “hunchback 
dog,” from itzcuintli (“dog”) + potzotli 

Physical description: Size of a smal l dog. Bl ack, 
brown, and white spots. Smal l , wol fl ike head. 
Short neck. Lumpy muzzl e. Sma l l , hanging ea rs. 
Fatty hump extends the l ength of its back. 
Forel egs shorter than the hind l egs.

Distribution: Michoacán State, Mexico.

Significant sighting: Frances Calderón de l a 
Barca saw a dead specimen hanging from a hook 
near the door of an inn in the Guajimal co Val l ey.

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