Giant Fish of South America.

Variant names: Gums, Mysterious beast.

Physical description: Sluglike or snakelike. 
Wide as a horse. Doglike head. No teeth. 
Stumpy tail that conceals a poisonous, barbed 

Behavior: Said to pull dogs and humans 

Distribution: Río Paraguay drainage; swamps 
of the Gran Chaco, Boquerón Department, 

Possible explanations: 
(1) Toothless, freshwater shark, according 
to Percy Fawcett. However, the only 
known shark to stay for extended periods 
in freshwater, the aggressive Bull shark 
(Carcharhinus leucas) of the Amazon 
and elsewhere, has triangular, serrated 
(2) Giant Catfish (Suborder Siluroidea), 
said to grow to 18 feet in length and weigh 
half a ton. Older specimens of catfish 
sometimes are toothless. 
(3) A large sturgeon, according to Mike 
Grayson, though none occur anywhere in 
the Southern Hemisphere.

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